What is the difference between the quality of quartz stone countertops

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What is the difference between the quality of quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone plates are divided into casting and molding plates. The molded plates are better, with dense density and no pores, and casting often has many pores on the back and sometimes even on the surface. The color of good quartz stone is very pure, while the color of second quartz stone is turbid. When looking at the big slabs, good quartz stones are uniform in thickness and square in size. There are many quartz stones from small workshops. The thickness of one end of the same plate and the other end are 2-3mm. Good quartz slabs have sufficient strength and are not easy to break during processing and transportation. Poor quartz slabs are very brittle, and they are easy to be slightly bumped and easily broken during processing, transportation and placement.

What is the difference between the quality of quartz stone countertops

1. Weight, good quartz stone plates are produced by a high-pressure press, and poor quartz plates are produced by a heavy-duty press. The plate density is higher, so the quartz stone of the same size will be heavier. The quartz stone content also ranges from 80% to 94%. The higher the quartz content, the better the quality of the quartz stone countertops.

2. Thickness. There are two kinds of quartz stone for cabinet countertops: 1.2 cm and 1.5 cm. Because the hardness of quartz stone is high but it is more brittle than artificial stone, it is recommended to choose 1.5 cm thick quartz stone.

3. The key and other hard objects to scrape the quartz stone, the main component is quartz sand, which is also silicon dioxide. The hardness is basically second only to diamond in nature. If it is a real good quartz stone, there will only be a line of scrubbing after scraping with the key. After that, it is even less obvious, and poor quality quartz stone countertops containing calcium powder and other inferior materials will have marks and white powder after scratching with a key.

4. Soy sauce test, good quartz stone countertop soy sauce will not bleed for a few days. Inferior quartz stone countertops bleed in a day.

The above differences can only be used for reference, and many can be distinguished from practical processing.



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