Stone maintenance-how to waterproof

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Stone maintenance-how to waterproof

As a building material, stone is popular with consumers because of its nobility, elegance, and so on. However, it has also been found that there are numerous problems with stone, which makes people pay attention to the importance of stone maintenance.

Stone maintenance-how to waterproof

 The causes of pollution can be divided into four categories:

1. Organic substances, cigarette stains, soy sauce stains, iodine stains.

2. Metal stains such as iron rust, steel rust and lead rust.

3. Oil stains, gasoline, engine oil, paint.

4. Water stains are the most likely to occur and are difficult to avoid. Under normal circumstances, water stains can volatilize in a certain period of time, but water stains may not disappear under the condition of high water bottom temperature. Long-term storage, various staining substances (except liquids) It will not affect the stone itself. Only when the substance meets water, it will produce chemical change and dyeing. Therefore, it can be concluded that (water) is the biggest enemy of stone. Only by blocking the pores of the stone can the problem be solved.

For example: water stored in the stone will change the quality of the stone. The mineral salt in the stone will have a chemical effect due to contact with water. When the crystals become larger, the surface of the stone will burst and crystals will be precipitated, such as golden flowers. Beige, Taiwan Green, Golden Line Beige, Egyptian Beige, etc.

Stone protection is to "prevent water from infiltrating and let the water breath out". "Prevention is better than cure", this famous saying is the most appropriate for stone. Stone protective agent provides comprehensive protection to stone according to different characteristics, resists the infiltration of water, stains, oil stains, etc., and also prevents minerals. The salt is brought out of the stone, causing white blooms or rust stains.



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