Stone Maintenance | How to deal with broken stone joints Do you know?

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Stone Maintenance | How to deal with broken stone joints Do you know?

First of all, clean the fractured surface of the stone, so as not to leave dust and particles, keep the fractured surface dry, not to mention moisture. If possible, use a high-pressure air pump for air pressure cleaning, remove the movable fragments, and then Coat the adhesive glue on the fractured surface, apply it evenly and not too thickly, then immediately butt and squeeze it tightly. Slightly overflow the adhesive. It should be noted that the board must be cleaned first before the glue is prepared, otherwise, the glue may become useless. For thick plates over 2cm, vertical bonding should be the best effect, that is, the stone is erected vertically after being bonded, and the weight of the stone is used to stick it firmly, and some supports can be used to put the stone upright. When bonding, use a wooden hammer or rubber hammer to gently tap the upper plate, and apply a little pressure to make the seam as small as possible. For a 1cm thick sheet, it is better to stick it flat, and spread the paper on a flat platform. , Put the stone to be bonded, and squeeze it tightly after applying glue on the fractured surface. After the glue has hardened, the next step can be carried out.

Stone Maintenance | How to deal with broken stone joints Do you know?

For the bonding of other stones, such as stone handicrafts, stone furniture, and special-shaped stones, this procedure is roughly the same. It is better to use vertical bonding for arc panels and flat bonding for flower lines. All bonding should be as small as possible in order to achieve the best bonding effect without affecting the aesthetic appearance.

The bonding of the parquet marble must be flat and glued. First, spread paper on the platform, preferably oil paper, so that it is not easy to stick, then spread the glass fiber net flat, and apply a piece of glue to the pre-assembled parquet. One piece, use a square and a leaning ruler as the basis, glue one by one, squeeze one by one, usually with the bottom of the board facing down, until all the bonding is completed. In order to increase the strength of some parquets after drying, a layer of glue can be evenly coated on the back of the bonded parquets, and gently brushed with a brush, which can greatly enhance the firmness of the parquets. Of course, following the method of parquet, the stone with more cracks can be strengthened with the reinforcement net on the back. Many stone production lines now add a glass fiber reinforced mesh process after polishing, the purpose of which is to increase the strength of the stone.



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