Stone maintenance, don’t use detergent

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Stone maintenance, don’t use detergent

General household cleaners contain acid and alkali. Therefore, experts point out that long-term use of cleaners with unknown ingredients will cause the stone surface to lose its luster.

Stones are afraid of acid and alkali

Acid will cause the oxidation of pyrite minerals in granite to produce yellowing. Acid will also decompose the calcium carbonate contained in marble, causing the surface of the stone to be corroded; alkali will corrode granite feldspar and quartz silicide Crystallization causes peeling of crystal grains.

Do not wax at will

There are many types of waxes on the market, including water-based wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes basically contain acid and alkali substances. Long-term use will not only block the pores of the stone, but also easily cause the stone to be stained with dirt and dust to form wax stains, causing yellowing on the surface of the stone. China Stone Network

If it is a stone floor with a high frequency of pedestrians and goods, it needs to be waxed frequently, but you should ask a professional maintenance company to wax it. Keep "smooth breathing"

In order to keep the stone "breathing smoothly", it is necessary to avoid covering the surface of the stone with carpets and other sundries, otherwise the moisture will not evaporate, and the stone will cause problems such as stone disease due to the increase of water content.

Cleaning is important

Both granite and marble are not resistant to long-term erosion by wind and sand and soil particles. Therefore, dust collectors and electrostatic mops should be used to remove dust and clean thoroughly.



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