Stone "disease" phenomenon and maintenance methods

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Stone "disease" phenomenon and maintenance methods

Stone "disease"

After the stone is exposed to the air or used for a period of time, the following phenomena appear due to man-made or the nature of the stone and the reaction of external substances, which we call stone disease

Macular spots, rust spots, non-drying wet marks, white blooming phenomenon---white things flow out, oil spots, salt spots, coffee, tea, etc.

Clearing method

Physical cleaning

Chemical cleaning

Physical cleaning requires related equipment and is expensive, and it is even impossible for some households. Therefore, chemical cleaning methods are commonly used at present. Big to include:

<1> Acid cleaning: Inorganic acids are mostly hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, citric acid, oxalic acid, sulfamic acid, etc. But under normal circumstances, inorganic acid should be used less, because its residual acid is harmful to carbonate stone, so more organic acid should be used.

<2> Alkaline cleaning: mainly for acidic pollutants.

Protection method

After using it at home for a period of time, it will inevitably contaminate oil, tea, etc. How to maintain it?

Cleaning method: generally use a neutral cleaning agent and a soft material for soft cleaning.

Protection method: The use of a permeable protective agent can completely penetrate into the stone and close the micropores of the stone, so as to prevent the entry of contaminants and protect the contaminated marble. And for better protection, it is better to use surface-type protective agent after using penetrating protective agent.

Usual maintenance: Use a neutral cleaning agent for cleaning. If necessary, use a polishing agent to polish the countertop to make the stone appear high brightness.



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