Recommendations for the use of household marble

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Recommendations for the use of household marble

1. Choose marble for the kitchen

Recommendations for the use of household marble

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, so it is not suitable for countertops in the kitchen area. Due to the influence of high temperature, oil, cutting and other factors, it is better to use granite and artificial quartz stone. As for the walls and floors of the kitchen, you can choose marble with high strength, high density and good finish.

2. Choose marble in the lobby

The wall of the hall is made of marble. Due to the heavy weight of the marble, when it is pasted on the wall, if the adhesion is not enough, it may fall off. Therefore, the wall can choose more beautiful, low-density marble. It can also be installed by hanging stickers.

As for the ground, since there are many types of marbles, you can choose marbles with higher strength and higher density. Such as the entrance steps of a villa, you can choose high-strength marble or granite.

3. Choose marble for bedroom

Generally, the marble used in the bedroom is mainly on the window sill and the table top, and it is rarely installed on the wall. Of course, the appropriate amount of marble is used as a threshold stone or mosaic, and the waveguide line is also possible.

4. Choose marble for background wall

Recommendations for the use of household marble

Marble is often used as a background wall material because of its beauty. In the past, the news reported that the marble installed on the wall fell and caused an accident. Therefore, when the marble pavement is installed on the wall, if it is hung firmly, it is the top priority of the paving.

For a stone with a thickness of 1 cm, it can be mounted on the wall by simply pasting it with an adhesive. For those with a thickness of more than 2 cm, a combination of a fixed pendant and an adhesive is required to ensure firmness. For spaces with a ceiling height of more than 3 meters, a keel must be built and marbles hung on it.

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