Quartz stone expert | Talking about how to professionally select stone knowledge

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Quartz stone expert | Talking about how to professionally select stone knowledge

The stone has natural color and rich texture. It has a hard and heavy surface. It has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, wind resistance and rain resistance. It has an absolute advantage in durability.

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However, the stone factories on the market have mixed good and bad, so it is very necessary to have some knowledge of buying stone.

Here is the quartz stone expert advice:

1. The color of the high-quality stone surface pattern does not contain too many variegated colors, the color is uniform, and there is no fading or thickening, and the inferior quality stone will have many "defects" that cannot be covered after processing. Therefore, The color tone of the stone surface pattern is an important index to evaluate the quality of the stone.

2. During the processing of the stone, the surface has to go through processes such as cutting, sawing, grinding, polishing, etc., to show its beautiful "look". If the processing technology and process are not good enough, the finished product after processing will appear warping, dents, stains, stains, missing corners, cracks, stains, color lines, pits, etc., so it cannot be "combined with the top grade." ".

3. The whole piece of stone is uneven, the arched curved slab and the axe board with one large side and small axe board are also sub-boards. After paving, there will be uneven surface and uneven joints, especially on the facade. In the decoration process, the irregular decorative surface will affect the overall decoration effect.

4. The cutting edges of high-quality natural stone slabs are neat and without corners, the surface is smooth, the brightness is high, and there is no rough feeling when touched by hand. When choosing a stone, in addition to choosing the decorative properties such as the color pattern, gloss and appearance quality of the stone surface, the compressive strength, flexural strength, durability, frost resistance, abrasion resistance, and hardness of the stone should also be considered. And other physical and chemical performance indicators.

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