Quality Granite slabs granite countertops Cost Wholesale

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Quality Granite slabs granite countertops Cost Wholesale

Frequently asked questions about countertops

What is a hard top?

There are many different types of hard surface countertops, such as granite, marble, soapstone, onyx and limestone. These are natural materials, mined in quarries around the world.

How should I clean the countertop?

For daily cleaning, mild detergent and water should be sufficient. The local home improvement store also provides cleaners. To avoid water streaks, wipe the counter dry after cleaning. Windex or similar products can be used to remove excess oil, but due to the acid level in the product, daily use is not recommended. These types of cleaners also contain dyes and should not be left on the counter for a long time.

Can I dye my countertop?

Almost everything can be dyed, but the sealed natural stone can resist most common stains. Solid surfaces and engineered quartz will not be dyed due to their chemical composition. Plastic laminates can resist many stains, but cannot be sealed to prevent stains.

How often do I need to seal the countertop?

The "American Marble Institute" recommends sealing natural stone every 6 to 12 months. The use of strong acids or strong acid chemicals may break the original seal, so it needs to be sealed more frequently. If the water no longer accumulates on the top, it is time to reseal. Excessive sealing can result in a hazy appearance. Engineering quartz, solid surfaces and plastic laminates do not need to be sealed.

I put a cold drink on a hard surface and there is now a black ring. what should I do?

No. Just as the cold liquid inside the glass draws water from the air to produce sweat on the outside of the glass, so does the cold air condense water in the stone (under the sealant). Just remove the glass; wipe off the excess water, and after a few hours, the condensed water in the stone will dissipate.

Why encourage customers to check their natural stone slabs before manufacturing?

Since stone is a natural material, the color change and texture are completely normal. There may be huge differences between the sample viewed and the actual material of the customer. Since this material is a natural product, its consistency cannot be guaranteed even in a single tablet. Some materials are very consistent, while other colors may change in color/shadow/texture between boards.

What am I looking for when viewing granite/marble?

You should check the overall coloration of the natural stone to ensure that this is what you envisioned at home. Since tiles, paint, floors, and wallpaper have multiple shades, it will be much easier to match these items after you choose natural stone.

Do I have to check before making new countertop materials?

will not. Since some materials are very consistent, other colors may change color, shading, or texture throughout the tablet. Since engineered quartz, solid surfaces and plastic laminates are artificial, the pattern is consistent with the sample you are viewing. Please note that the choice of viewing materials is up to you, but if you choose not to view the materials (natural materials) before manufacturing, you will need to sign an exemption form. All natural materials (granite, marble, onyx, talc, limestone, etc.) are products of nature, and no two pieces are exactly the same. The color context and texture of each part may be different. After manufacture, there will be absolutely no claims due to color, texture, consistency or permeability.

What does the seam look like?

For hard surfaces, the standard seam allowance between two pieces of granite ranges from 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch wide. Use color-matching stone adhesive to join the two countertops. Once cured, the adhesive is food safe and can be cured in about 3 hours. The seam is necessary, not invisible. We will try our best to provide clean seams and match the color to the basic tone of the hard surface.

Can I install a countertop on an existing old cabinet?

New countertops can be installed on existing cabinets; however, if the cabinet structure is not stable or level, we will not install it. If the cabinet is not flat or structurally unsound when our installation procedure arrives, the installation time will be rescheduled after these problems have been corrected. The cabinet needs to be leveled within 10' in length. For work locations that are not ready to accept new countertops, a $250 travel fee will be charged.

There are tiles above my current tailgate. Will new splashes satisfy these tile lines?

Your new countertop is cut at right angles, and your tiles may not

Completely horizontal installation. We recommend removing the existing tiles before installing the new countertop and replacing the tiles after installing the new countertop.

Why is it recommended to use 1_” (3 cm) material on hard surfaces in the kitchen?

In most kitchens, your countertop will be very long and may contain a large cutout (sink or stove). To minimize the risk of breakage during manufacturing and installation, it is recommended to use 1 inch (3 cm) of material. _” (2 cm) material in the bathroom

And smaller countertops are more common.

Without seams, what is the longest counter panel I can get?

For hard natural surfaces, this will be determined after field measurements. Generally, the length of a natural board varies from 100 inches to 125 inches; the average length of a flat board is 110 inches. The size of engineered quartz slabs is smaller than natural stone, with an average size of 52 inches x 118 inches. Also keep in mind that hard surfaces can weigh up to 20 pounds per square foot. For example, a 48" x 96" island may weigh up to 600 pounds and need to be carried by 3-4 people. In addition, entering the house must accommodate a desktop of this size, and depending on the size of the corridor, elevator or staircase, even larger sizes may be prohibited. It may be necessary to cut long splashes that are 4 inches to 6 inches long to prevent damage during transportation and installation. The seam splashing on the back is determined by the measurement and manufacturing department.

For solid surfaces, the seams will not be obvious (not visible). For plastic laminates, the material can use different sheet sizes, up to 12 feet.

What is the maximum amount of protrusion allowed?

For hard surfaces, the maximum overhang of 12 inches will depend on the 2/3 rule: 1/3 overhang needs to support 2/3 of the material. A 24-inch cabinet can safely hang up to 12-inch cantilever without support. Generally, any protrusions over 12 inches should be supported. Support ranges from wooden corbels to metal "L"-shaped brackets. If supports are required during the measurement, the customer will be notified, and these supports need to be in place before installing the table. The support must be installed by the customer and is not part of the installation service provided by Art Stone.

Why sand the underside of the hard surface on the overhang surface?

In the case of the breakfast bar facing the family room, you can see the bottom when you sit down, and the suspended bottom can be polished. Additional fees can be charged. Please contact your salesperson for the price.

Can I put hot items directly on the table?

For hard surfaces, yes. The temperature that granite can withstand exceeds 1200 degrees (F), and the grade of artificial stone is higher. You can safely place items in the oven, stove or grill directly on a hard surface without using a tripod or hot pad. Warning: Due to extreme temperature differences, a hot glass dish may crack when placed on a cool surface of granite or artificial quartz. This is the so-called thermal shock. For this reason alone, glass or heat-resistant glass cutlery should be placed on a tripod or hot pad.

For solid surfaces and plastic laminates, no. These materials are much softer and direct heating is not recommended.

Can I use the kitchen countertop as a cutting board?

For hard surfaces, yes. Diamond tools are needed to cut through granite and artificial stone. The hardness of ordinary steel knives cannot be matched. However, you will need to sharpen the knife more frequently.

For solid surfaces, it is possible, but not recommended. Please note that cutting directly on the countertop may cause scratches. However, because the solid surface is reproducible, these scratches are easily wiped off, and your countertop will look brand new.

For plastic laminates, scratches can be eliminated on this type of material.

Installation Notes

After determining the installation date and time range, please arrange to go home within the entire time range. Even if your installation is scheduled in the morning, weather and traffic will affect the delivery time, and since each project is different, the completion time may be longer than originally expected. If your installation is scheduled in the afternoon, the arrival time will depend on the traffic conditions and the completion of the morning installation.

What to expect during the installation process?

dust. Although we will do everything we can to keep it to a minimum, any adjustments or cutting on site will generate dust. The act of putting the top plate on the cabinet will also shake the scattered dust inside

The cabinet itself. In order to minimize cleaning and prevent damage to fragile cookware, please remove the items in the lower cabinet. It is also recommended to remove the cutlery drawer at the same time. You may also want to put plastic sheeting on the doorway to prevent dust from spreading to other areas of the house. If your house has a central heating system/AC, you may need to shut it down during installation to prevent dust from entering other areas of the house through the duct. Note that the walls are almost never square. Since the hard countertop is cut into squares, we may need to cut into the drywall to achieve uniform overhang on the cabinet.

Our requirements during the installation process.

We need to park large trucks as close as possible to the entrance to the work site.

Our installers need an unobstructed path into and out of the area.

Please remove furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) from this area as much as possible.

Please remove appliances such as refrigerators, under-counter wine cabinets and slide-in stoves. Please delay painting or install decorations or wallpaper around the area where the roof will be installed. These materials will scratch these surfaces, and we are not responsible for any damage to these items.

Following these guidelines will help ensure a smooth installation. Please note that the material being installed is very large and heavy. The house may be damaged during installation. The customer bears the risk of such damage and agrees not to withhold the contact price in the event of such damage.

For your safety, please keep children and pets away from the work area.

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