Precautions for the maintenance of different stones

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Precautions for the maintenance of different stones

1. Marble

Marble is soft, has poor resistance to acid and alkali, weathering resistance, easy to absorb liquids such as oil and water, and is easily scratched. The best protection for polished marble is to use a permeable waterproof and oil-proof protective agent for pre-protection before the marble is put into use. Use neutral cleaning agents for regular cleaning, and acid cleaning agents should not be used for cleaning.

2. Limestone

Limestone easily absorbs oils and other water-based liquids, is easily scratched and corroded by acidic substances, and is more susceptible to contamination than marble. Most limestone is porous and water-absorbent and should be cleaned regularly with a neutral detergent in daily use.

3. Granite

Granite is generally darker in color, resistant to acid and alkali, and weathering, but its surface also has pores, which has strong water absorption and can also be contaminated. Granite curing should be pre-treated with permeable protective agent, and can be cleaned with neutral or weak acid cleaning agent.

4. Artificial stone

Artificial stone is suitable for the floor, stove, etc., and daily maintenance can use neutral or weak alkaline cleaning agent.

5. Light-colored stone

If the maintenance of light-colored stones requires extra care. Generally, permeability protection treatment should be done before installation, and neutral or weak alkaline stone cleaner should be used for future maintenance.

Precautions for stone maintenance

1. Don't wax at will

There are many kinds of waxes on the market, including water-based wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes basically contain acid and alkali substances. Not only will it block the pores of the stone's breathing, but it will also be stained with dust and form wax dirt, which will cause the stone surface to yellow. When waxing is required in places where pedestrians and goods are frequently circulated, a professional maintenance company must be asked to guide the use of wax and maintenance methods.

2. Do not use non-neutral detergents indiscriminately

Stone is afraid of encountering strong acid and alkali liquids. When cleaning the stone, it is not necessary to ignore the composition of the cleaning agent for quick cleaning effect. General cleaning agents contain acid and alkali. Therefore, if cleaning agents with unknown ingredients are used for a long time, the gloss of the stone surface will be lost. In addition, the residue of non-neutral agents on the stone is also the main cause of stone disease in the future.

3. Do not cover carpets and debris for a long time

In order to keep the stone breathing smooth, avoid covering the surface of the stone with carpets and debris for a long time, otherwise the moisture under the stone will not be volatilized through the pores of the stone. Stone will cause annoying stone pathological problems due to excessive moisture and increased water content. If you must lay carpets and pile up debris, please don't forget to move them frequently.

4. Keep it clean and thorough

Both hard granite (hardness HRs88-1114-7) or softer marble (hardness HRs46-773-5) are not resistant to long-term damage by wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, always use a dust collector or an electrostatic mop to thoroughly remove dust and clean. It is best to place a dust removal mat at the entrance of the commercial space to avoid the sand particles in the shoes from scratching the stone. It is best to change to slippers after getting started to reduce the abrasive dust on the surface of the stone.

5. Regular maintenance and maintenance of gloss

Dust removal and cleaning alone can't keep the bright stone continuously shiny, so you must regularly ask professional stone maintenance personnel to do maintenance and gloss regeneration maintenance work. For example, using crystallization liquid to recrystallize the marble surface, or using polishing powder to regenerate the luster of the marble or granite surface, or using a breathable gloss protector, etc., can make your stone look like new for a long time.



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