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  • 11-09
    [Stone Promotion News] Tips for choosing the Best Paving Stone

    Planning the exterior of the house includes not only the layout of the garden, the style and the furniture. You have to take a number of decisions about materials as well. Paving stones differ in size, material, installation and maintenance and many people wonder how to choose the best paving stones Read More »

  • 10-23
    [Countertop Guide] 3 popular Stone Countertops Materials

    When professional builders and contractors are looking for natural stone in xiamen, they want the best products available. They can’t afford to settle for less, and many contractors turn to YeYang Stone because they know we provide the highest quality natural stone in the xiamen area. We have many Read More »

  • 10-14
    [Stone News ] How to clean natural stone in the house

    How to clean natural stone in the houseStone afraid of water, how should clean?Water is the source of life. But for the stone, the water is the source of all evil - the truth in the stone care industry is also recognized. Water spots, rust, Baihua back to the base and ma Read More »

  • 10-14
    [Stone News ] Why do people choose stone? Because ……

    Why do people choose stone? Because ……With the changing times, the improvement of human aesthetic taste, the pursuit of uniqueness, stone because of its natural properties, to meet people's pursuit of permanent, the only inner desire, much favored.Stone in th Read More »

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