Marble vacuum glue repair method

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Marble vacuum glue repair method

The marble vacuum glue repair method can ensure that the gas in the marble gap and the gas existing in the glue is completely removed by repeated vacuum treatment, so that the combination of the glue and the gap is the most compact, so as to ensure the firmness and stability of the finished product to the greatest extent, which is effective Extended service life.


(1) Use a high-pressure water gun to clean the surface of the marble and inside the cracks and dry it;

(2) Prepare a vacuum box, install two groups of 5.5KW rotary vane vacuum pumps on the vacuum box;

(3) Inject glue at the cracks on the marble surface;

(4) Put the glue-filled marble into a vacuum box for vacuum treatment, and draw out the air in the cracks of the marble and the glue layer to further compress and penetrate the glue layer; the pressure value in the vacuum box maintains -0.1MPA~0.15 Between MPA;

(5) Take out the marble, inject glue again at the cracks and repeat step 4, until the glue layer no longer sinks and penetrates;

(6) Polish the glued marble.

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