Marble slabs | How to remove cement spots on marble

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Marble slabs | How to remove cement spots on marble

Marble slabs

Marble is permeable. This feature of stone is completely different from the zero water permeability of ceramics and glass. If the colored liquid is used to treat cement spots, be careful about whether it will penetrate into it, and cause color difference. Some cleaning agents penetrate into the marble, leaving irreparable staining residues. Especially light-colored jazz white, Guangxi white, and other products.

2. Cement cleaning agent

Marble contaminates the cement. It is recommended to use a cleaning agent that does not react with the calcium carbonate component of the marble: biological cement cleaning agent. The usage method of the biological cement cleaner is as follows:

1. For general cement ash, you can wipe the marble directly with a rag moistened with a bio-cement cleaning agent, and then wipe off the cleaning agent adhering to the marble surface with the rag.

2. For the thicker cement layer on the marble surface, you can use the biological cement cleaning agent to spray directly, wait for a certain period of time, wait for the marble surface cement to be softened, and then rinse with water or wipe off with a cloth. If wiped off with a cloth, use Wipe it with a clean damp cloth.

三. Scraper method

Is attached to the marble surface and embedded with a spatula to remove the cement.

4. Special cleaning agent for stone

This kind of product can decompose organic pollution on the stone surface and remove the surface protective agent. If necessary, the cleaning agent can be mixed with the detergent powder, which can extend the reaction time of the compound and absorb the stains into the paste.

Before using the compound, test a small area such as a corner of a wall that is not conspicuous, and make sure that the stone surface will not be covered with dark flower marks. It is relatively easy to remove minor scratches, and there are many polishing powders on the market. However, when using polishing powder, it is usually necessary to use a polishing machine or a single wiper.

Five. Polishing method

The process of this method may be more complicated, so it is recommended to be handled by professionals.

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