Marble knowledge-several common styles of bar tables

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Marble knowledge-several common styles of bar tables

In recent years, with the changes in apartment types and people's living needs, the bar has gradually returned to the living room. From a design point of view, the bar often appears in the living room space or dining room space. The design of the bar counter can be roughly divided into five forms. After fully determining the style and positioning, it can be designed according to the following forms.

1, wall-mounted

is placed on the wall, the wine cabinet can be placed above the bar or hung on the wall. It occupies a small area and is suitable for smaller rooms.


2, corner type

Using the corner of the room to decorate, you can sit around the stage for easy conversation.


3, partition type

Using bar cabinets and counters to divide the space, it is suitable for large indoor areas that require multiple functional areas.


4, embedded

In the irregular indoor space, the corner space can be fully utilized, such as the recessed part where the bar is placed, which not only increases the practical area, but also makes the entire indoor space look neat.


5, table style

The bar is combined with the dining table, and the dining table of the bar is displayed or pulled out for dining when necessary.


It is nothing new to add a small bar at home. People who have a persistent pursuit of the taste of life will always use a variety of novel ideas to enrich their lives, adding a small bar for themselves, whether it is a big house or a small single room, the result of wandering between the uninhibited and uninhibited , What you enjoy is the truth and transparency of life.



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