Marble knowledge-precautions for cleaning and maintenance

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Marble knowledge-precautions for cleaning and maintenance

   Marble is not resistant to acid and alkali. Fruit juice, coffee, tea, cola and other liquids with slight acid and alkali can corrode the stone surface. Therefore, once dripping is found, it should be wiped clean as soon as possible and cleaned with water. Daily cleaning must use neutral detergents (such as detergent, hand sanitizer).

2. Marble is soft, low in hardness, non-wearing, sand and metal hard objects can scratch the stone surface, so the gate should be covered with a dust-absorbing rubber floor mat. Do not move and drag tables, chairs and benches on the ground. During cleaning and maintenance The sand and hard objects on the stone surface should be cleaned up and removed in time.

3. Marble is due to its material. If the water stays on the stone surface for too long, the stone will absorb part of the water. If it cannot be dried in time, the stone will appear efflorescence, white blooming, mildew and other diseases. Once the stone has disease, it will be treated. It can be difficult to get up, especially light-colored marble. When cleaning and maintaining, you should reduce the amount of water as much as possible, soak up water and neutral detergents (such as detergent) in time, and keep the stone dry. Generally do waterproof protection before installation.  


   4. Marble cannot be waxed with water or solid wax. Water wax or solid wax is a traditional and backward maintenance method more than ten years ago, and it is a wrong maintenance method with serious drawbacks. This will block the natural pores of the stone, making the stone unable to "breathe" normally and prone to disease.

   5. According to the density of use, the daily crystal hardening treatment is done regularly.

  6. Regularly do waterproof and oil-proof care.



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