How to deal with the white marble that has penetrated into the stain?

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How to deal with the white marble that has penetrated into the stain?

In order to be beautiful, people usually choose to use marble to decorate the bathroom. Therefore, the care of the bathroom marble has become the key to the problem. Then, how to remove the stains of the bathroom marble? The following solutions are recommended:

Solution one:

It is recommended to use stone-specific products, such as strong concentrated cleaning agents, with a pH of about 10.5. This type of product can decompose the organic pollution on the stone surface and remove the surface protective agent. If necessary, the cleaning agent can be mixed with the detergent powder, which can extend the reaction time of the compound and absorb the stains into the paste. Before using the compound, test a small area such as a corner of a wall that is not conspicuous, and make sure that the stone surface will not be covered with dark flower marks. It is relatively easy to remove minor scratches, and there are many polishing powders on the market. However, when using polishing powder, it is usually necessary to use a polishing machine or a single wiper.

Solution two:

It is recommended to use liquid medicine, preferably a two-component enzyme cleaner, which can penetrate into the bottom layer of the stone and filter dirt and dust to the surface. Enzymes are especially effective on vegetable stains. Such cleaning agents can be purchased from agents of high-quality stone cleaning agents.

If the effect of this method is still not obvious, it is recommended to mix the solution of the enzyme cleaning agent with the decontamination powder until a viscous ointment similar to peanut butter is formed. Apply the mixed ointment to the contaminated area, cover it with plastic film, and seal the surrounding with tape. Maintain a reaction time of 24 to 72 hours, and then use a small bamboo plank to scrape off the dried ointment. If necessary, do it again. Once the pollution is removed, it is recommended to use a permeable protective agent to protect the stone to avoid contamination again in the future.

If there are scratches on the stained marble surface at the same time, it needs to be polished. The choice of grinding powder needs to be determined by the construction party, which may be brick soil, cinder, sandpaper or emery. The process may be more complicated, so it is recommended to be handled by professionals. It should be clear that for some 305 X 305 X 10mm sheets, the damage caused by high heels may penetrate deep into the stone, which may be difficult or almost impossible to polish. In this case, it is best to seek expert assistance.

Solution three:

Regarding the stains on the stone around the bathtub and the edge of the window sill, the problem should be that these marbles have never been protected or improperly maintained. Since mild cleaning agents do not work well, we recommend using a neutral cleaning agent and powder to make a slurry-like viscous mixture, apply the paste to the stone surface, and then rub it with a nylon pad. The powder acts like an abrasive in it, helping to remove stubborn stains on the surface. If this method does not work, it is recommended to mix alkaline cleaning agent with clay powder to form a strong cleaning agent solution, and the rest of the operation steps are as described above.

Speaking of scratches on the ground, it is recommended that professionals come to the site to inspect and polish the marble surface again. Since re-polishing usually requires the use of liquid or powdered products, or emery polishing pads, it is best to ask professionals to operate. You can check with local stone manufacturers or distributors, and ask them to recommend more well-known stone maintenance products and treat them professionally.

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