How to avoid polishing quartz stone splicing

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How to avoid polishing quartz stone splicing

Quartz stone is made by using quartz sand (glass particles) and resin to be pressed by equipment. It is an artificial stone product and is also called synthetic stone. The advantages of quartz stone plates are wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, impermeable, easy to clean, safe, non-toxic and non-radiation. The disadvantage is that the plate is too hard, difficult to process, polished and loses its color, and the price of quartz is higher.

How to avoid polishing quartz stone splicing

Quartz stone processing is familiar with natural marble and granite, because the highest hardness of the quartz stone plate can reach Mohs hardness level 7. But this also brings certain troubles to the processing. The surface of the quartz stone is polished by more than 30 high-pressure and high-speed water mills, and the surface crystal brightness can reach more than 80. Therefore, it is inevitable to be polished during processing. Quartz stone will lose its original luster and whiten after being polished by a hand-held grinder. The darker the color, the more obvious it is. Avoid sanding during processing!

Quartz stone products can be polished with a large water grinder after being spliced in the processing plant. However, we can only rely on hand-held tools during construction and installation. At this time, we should avoid polishing. I just look at how to reduce the polishing rate in the installation and splicing of common quartz stone countertops. First of all, we need to flatten all parts of the quartz stone countertop, so that the gap between the two plates at the joint is as small as possible, and the height difference of the board is also small. The control of the gap can be adjusted by cutting or grinding; the control of the height difference of the board surface is adjusted by the bottom liner; strive to be as small as possible. Then prepare the glue, use the original resin glue of the quartz stone manufacturer, add the curing agent and quartz powder according to the temperature and humidity on the spot, and perform the color matching on the plate after the preparation. The last step is splicing. Paper tape should be used to paste on both sides of the splicing seam, and the glue should be evenly applied to the gap for squeezing and fixing. After the glue is completely dry, use a polishing sheet above 3000 and lightly polish it in one go

How to avoid polishing quartz stone splicing



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