How to accept quartz bathroom countertops in home improvement

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How to accept quartz bathroom countertops in home improvement

Quartz bathroom countertops

Quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone. It has the characteristics of natural environmental protection, non-toxic and non-radiation. Quartz stone is well received because of its high hardness, no cracks, sturdiness and durability, elegant and fashionable colors, and meets the psychological needs of modern urbanites for high cost performance. Welcome and favor of modern decoration. The most familiar is the use of cabinet countertops. Many people have their own methods to distinguish true and false quartz stones. And how to accept the installed countertops? Today, the top experts of quartz bathroom countertops introduce the acceptance criteria of quartz stone countertops.

Quartz bathroom countertops

①The impurity is visually inspected at 50mm. No more than 3 impurities per square meter, each with a diameter of <0.5mm and no concentrated distribution. The raw material variegated particles of the same mesh number are allowed 3-5 per square meter.

②The air bubbles on the countertop are also visually measured with a 50cm straight face, and no air bubbles are allowed on the front of the countertop. 

 ③The cracks are still visually inspected with 50cm straight face, and there are no cracks, broken and obvious crack repair marks on the surface of the table.

④ Visual inspection of the color, the plates used in the same set of countertops are not allowed to have color difference, and the color deviation from the sample plate shall not be too large.

⑤Visual inspection of scratches, table top chamfer and surface smooth, no scratch marks.

⑥Visual inspection of the line type, the line type of each set of countertops is clear and smooth, and the waterproof line has no cracks, no obvious unevenness and visible processing traces.

⑦ Use a level ruler for the size, and the table should be flat, without wavy shape, and the size error is less than ±3mm.

⑧ Visual inspection of the appearance, the table top gloss is basically the same, the appearance is neat and clean, and there is no stain. The finish is 55±5 degrees using a finish meter.

⑨Visual inspection of the connection point, the connection line of the table top is straight, polished and smooth, without glue watermark, and the bottom of the connection port is reinforced with pads (due to the material characteristics of the quartz stone product, there are no obvious connection traces at the connection point) ⑩Bath hole Visual inspection shows that the combination of basin and countertop is smooth, positive and negative rubber material is full and firm, and the joint line is straight and beautiful. The wall of the furnace hole is straight, without obvious processing traces, and the surrounding arc transition is natural. The four corners of the furnace hole must be bonded to strengthen the support.

The above standards are organized and distributed by top experts on quartz bathroom countertops. They are not industry standards and cannot restrict quartz stone manufacturers. But it can be used as an inspection standard for your reference when installing and accepting cabinet countertops.

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