Granite also needs special maintenance

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Granite also needs special maintenance

Granite, which has survived the erosion of various natural conditions for millions of years, will also suffer damage in containers filled with spray cleaners and gravel. Thousands of new homeowners have spent thousands of dollars to maintain their granite or marble countertops, just to prevent the surface from being corroded by strong light and chemical cleaners. People often have such a misunderstanding that granite is very durable and requires little maintenance. Stone is also natural and easy to absorb. It can be maintained forever with the right products. The following are some guidelines for the maintenance of granite and other natural stones.

Granite also needs special maintenance

1.Clean and wipe as quickly as possible, do not wipe the stains, and spread around as much as possible

2. Soap and water will not leave stains, but it is easy to leave residues and absorb dirt

3. Household maintenance usually includes ammonia and bleach, which can easily decompose the sealant and expose the surface

4. Dark granite usually needs one coating, and brighter granite needs 2~~3 layers

5. Always use a mop and vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs. Natural stone stairs are usually easily worn by sand, dirt, and coarse sand



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