Custom Granite Countertops Fabricators | Advantages and disadvantages of granite sinks

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Custom Granite Countertops Fabricators | Advantages and disadvantages of granite sinks

Advantages and disadvantages of granite sinks

Custom Granite Countertops Fabricators

Granite is a kind of stone commonly used in decoration. There are many things of this kind of material. Sink is one of them. But many people don't know this aspect. What about granite sink? Many people are curious. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of granite sinks.

How about the granite sink?

The granite (quartz) sink is made of the hardest high-purity quartz material in granite (quartz) mixed with food-grade high-performance resin through high-tech high-temperature die-casting. It can resist the wear and tear in daily life such as dents, cuts, cracks, dyeing and antibacterial, etc. It is the best material for kitchen sinks.

 The granite sink has various styles and colors, which is very beautiful. It feels gentle and soft. It is the brightening pen of the modern kitchen, lighting up the kitchen space. At the same time, the granite sink process is integrally formed at one time and is very strong. For a kitchen with a high utilization rate, this sink is the most suitable. The emergence of granite sinks has had a huge impact on the domestic market, and at the same time it has reinjected new elements into the sink market. In fact, in the European market, granite sinks are a modern sink that is very popular with European people. Its texture is relatively hard and durable, and the exterior lines can be marginalized or rounded, so that the granite sink has a hard exterior and a tender quality.

The advantages and disadvantages of granite sinks:


1. High temperature resistance (high-quality granite sinks can resist high temperatures above 280℃), suitable for Chinese cooking methods;

2. Good antibacterial property. After testing, the granite sink can effectively prevent the regeneration of bacteria;

3. High hardness, strong scratch resistance, hardness second only to diamond, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance;

4. Excellent corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance. Even acidic food with strong corrosiveness will not corrode the sink;

5. Very low water absorption and oil absorption, easy to maintain;

6. The colors of granite sinks are rich and varied. With the popularity of quartz countertops, granite sinks are equipped with various quartz countertops, which are more noble and charming, and make the whole kitchen more harmonious;

7. No need to apply oil, not easy to stick to dust, easy maintenance, simple maintenance, long service life;

8. The raw materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-radiation.


1. Granite is easy to slip after absorbing water, so there are requirements for installation, it is best not to install in a humid environment;

2. The price is relatively expensive. Compared with stainless steel sinks, granite sinks are more expensive.

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