Cleaning and maintenance of natural marble stone surface

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Cleaning and maintenance of natural marble stone surface

Marble floor surface

Cleaning and maintenance of natural marble stone surface

The dust on the surface of the marble floor should be wiped frequently with a clean dry cloth. Sand, dirt and grit are the most harmful to the surface of natural stone because they are granular and will rub against the surface of the stone. Putting a mat or rug at the entrance or exit will help minimize sand, dirt, and grit that will wipe the floor. Usually a person has to walk eight to ten steps on the floor to remove the sand and dirt from the soles of the shoes.

The surface of other boards

You can clean the surface of the marble stone with warm water, drop a few drops of nutrient solution, stone cleaning solution or mild dish cleaning solution in the water. Use a mop to clean the floor, and use a soft cloth to scrub other stone surfaces for the best results. Too much cleaning fluid or soap will leave marks on the stone surface. Do not pour vinegar, lemon juice or other acidic liquids directly on the surface of marble or other calcareous stone. After cleaning the surface of the board with soap, it must be thoroughly rinsed and wiped dry with a soft cloth. The rinse water should be replaced frequently. Do not use rubbing powder or rubbing paste, because these products contain abrasives that will scratch the surface of the stone.

Bathrooms and other wet places

In bathrooms and other damp places, when cleaning with soap, use a rubber brush to minimize the amount of soap foam. To remove soap foam, use a non-acid soap foam scavenger or ammonia (about ½ cup of ammonia to 1 gallon of water). However, frequent use of ammonia or excessive use will make the stone surface dull.

Outdoor swimming pool and yard

In outdoor swimming pools, yards and hot water tanks and other places, rinse with water and mild rinsing agent.



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