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The most popular Quartz Countertops Colors

          As opposed to granite, which is a natural stone, quartz countertops are man-made, engineered stone, formed from about 90% quartz with binders like resins and polymers and various pigments for color making up the rest, reports Forbes.
"Thanks to the quartz content, it's tough and super durable and resistant to stains and scratches," says yeyang. "In terms of maintenance, the surface requires none, so no sealants and wax are needed."
          You should select a cabinet color first, and then choose your countertop and flooring colors based on it. The quartz color should contrast the cabinets enough to pop, while pulling in hues of the cabinet color. For example, neutral colored maple cabinets would work well with a mix of light brown, white or gray colored countertops. Dark brown or espresso colored cabinets look great with lighter colored quartz countertops, like light brown, white or ivory with golden varients.
          Pure white countertops, bring a contemporary. Luckily, these materials resist stains well, so they can stay a crisp white for years with just a little care.
This stark look works well in contemporary spaces. As mentioned, the severity of a true white can fight a traditional decor, but in a modern space it feels appropriately crisp. It’s especially effective in small spaces, such as compact condo kitchens, paired with minimalist white cabinets to give the illusion of a bigger space.
The most popular Quartz Countertops Colors

          While most quartz countertops are known for their smooth and shiny finish, it can go beyond the polished look, too. yeyang, for instance, offers a suede texture with a softer feel as well as a volcano texture that's pitted for a more rustic look.
"With so many aesthetic choices available it allows us to control the overall color and texture throughout the design process, making kitchen spaces streamlined and modern with all the added benefits," yeyang adds.
         Whether your tastes run toward dark or light colors, you’re bound to find something you’re attracted to among the most popular quartz countertop options. Choose from one of the amazing colors on this infographic.



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