The Way of Natural Stone Maintenance

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Natural stone has natural texture and tiny breathing holes. If there is dust or liquid infiltration, it will affect the texture and color of the stone. Regarding the daily maintenance of stone, we can do this:

★ Do not drill holes on the surface to avoid the surface of the stone bursting;


★ Do not hit the stone with a hard object;


★ Do not use waxy, oily or other household detergents to avoid tarnishing the surface of the stone. Wash the oil stains with a damp cloth.


★ Severe stains, stains and even serious damage to the flower marks should be handled by a professional;

★ Always keep the stone dry and dry the surface water as soon as possible;


★ You can use the “dust pusher” to remove dust from the stone surface;


★ Do not use acetic acid, lemon juice or other detergents with acidic substances or corrosive effects to clean marble, such as bathroom cleaning liquid, cement surface detergent or bathtub tile detergent;


★ Place a carpet at the door to reduce the dust on the stone surface;


★ Do not place hot objects directly on the stone surface.



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