The Main Use of Quartz Stone

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The Main Use of Quartz Stone

Quartz stone is one kind of mineral resource with stable physical properties and chemical properties. Most quartz stone slabs are called quartz stone, for the slabs composed of over 93% quartz by volume.

Because of some of the properties of quartz it is used for many things. One of those proerties is that quartz is a very hard substance - harder than a steel file. Also most quartz dose not split easily . Glass can't transmit ultraviolet light, but quartz can. quartz stone mainly made of quartz material, with a variety of colors, makes itself have the texture of natural stone and beautiful surface. Quartz stone countertops are wide in colors, to be widely used in public projects

It is used for:

  • special lenses and prisms and quartz-glass tubes for unlamps

  • laboratory tubes and crucibles

  • glass that is useful for making precise laboratory experiments

  • as a filter for some liquids

  • sandpapers, whetstones, and scouring powders and in sandblasting

  • radio, television, and radar

  • digital watches

What’s more, home decoration uses it more in kitchen countertops, commode, wall top for kitchen and bathroom, dinning table, tea table, window sill, and door covers, which is one type of no-radiation, environmentally-recycle new green building material for home improvement.

Quartz Slabs For Floor

Their outstanding technical features and decorative possibilities make Quartz slab surfaces an unsurpassable choice for use on floors, especially in high pedestrian transit areas.

Quartz Slabs For Floor.jpg

Slab Wall Plaques

Elegance all around you. The wide range of colors and finishes of QUARTZ slab materials enable you to give new meaning to the term “decorating your home” or “decorating your office”.

Slab Wall Plaques.jpg

Quartz Slab Projects

Great ideas should know no limits. That’s why Classic Quartz Stone slab solutions are designed to meet the functional and aesthetic needs for projects of any size or scope.

Quartz Slab Projects.jpg

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