The Daily Protection Methods Of Quartz Stone

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1. Don’t wax desultory

There are many kinds of wax in the market, such as waterborne wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax and arylic wax. All are contain acidic and alkaline substances. It will touch with dust-pollution turn into scale wax, cause the quartz stone turn yellow. If you have to wax quartz surface in some situation, please ask a professional maintain company.


2. Don’t use non-neutral cleanser

Because stone can etching by strong PH liquid, so while you clean the surface, you must care about the ingredient of cleanser, most cleanser sale in market is contain PH. If you use unknown ingredient cleanser, it will make the quartz stone turn into dull.


3. Don’t put varia on it for long

In order to maintain good ventilation with quartz stone ought to avoid some varia cover on it. Otherwise, it will cause the moisture can’t be volatilize and the fade problem will be happen by the moisture.


4. Pay attention to protective agents kinds

When we protect quartz stone, don’t use unknown protective agents, in order to avoid increasing the difficulty in maintenance.

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