The China Granite Stone Industry Profiles

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The China Granite Stone Industry Profiles

Whether you are looking to purchase high quality, finished granite countertops (slabs or prefabricated), granite tile, dimension stone or granite sinks, they can all be found in China at competitive prices. According to the General Administration of Customs, China exported over 1 million tons of granite in the first 10 months of 2007 at a value of approximately $157 million US dollars. It is estimated that Chinese granite accounts for around 17-20% of the world's granite production.

The main production centers are located in the provinces of Fujian, Guangdong and Shandong. These three provinces account for 85% of China's stone production. Smaller production centers can be found inland in Sichuan, Shanxi, Anhui, Hebei, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. Have a look at the map below for a more visual look at China's granite production areas.

With over 80 varieties of granite, Fujian is China’s largest granite producing province. It employs 15,000 manufacturers and is home to over 5,000 granite quarries and as many importers and exporters. Shuitou is the largest production base in the province with over 3,000 manufacturing facilities operating, including the majority of Chinas top granite suppliers.

Guangdong is a large province in the south east of China. It has more than 700 granite quarries scattered throughout the province in the cities of Lianling, Xinyi, Chaoyang, Jieyang, Gaozhou, Yangjiang, Taishan, Huizhou, Zengcheng and on the outskirts of Shenzhen. There are around 4,000 manufacturers mining some 30 varieties of granite.

In Shandong, the cities of Rong Cheng, Laizhou and Linyi are responsible for the majority of the 40+ varities of granite found in the region. Shandong’s most famous granites are Jinan Green which is very dark and also called Jinan black G3701, Isle Red, also called Peninsula red G3786, General Hung, also called Piyi General red G3752, Liu Ports Red, also called Laizhou oriental cherry red G3767 and China ash, or Laoshan grey G3706.

Have a look at the table below for a clear overview of the types of granite found in China, by province:

Granite found in Fujian Granite found in Shandong Granite found in Guangdong 
Jinjiang Bacuo white G3503 Laizhou sesame white G3765 Puning big white flower G4439 
Quanzhou white G3506 Wendeng white G3760 Guangning east white sesame G4422 
Haicang white G3523 Pingdu white G3755 Guangning rosy spots G4421 
Xiaocuo white G3516 Zhaoyuan pearl G3783 Xinyi thin twists G4419 
Hongtang white G3514 Mengyin pink G3778 Xinyi black stars and clouds G4416 
Nanan snow plum G3508 Shanyuan flower G3757 Xinyi spindrift G4418 
Jinjiang white in black G3516 Mengyin spindrift G3777 Guangning dark blue stars G4420 
Luoyuan oriental cherry red G3563 Laizhou oriental cherry red G3767 Xinyi black G4417 
Zhangpu red G3548 Piyi General red G3752   
Anxi red G3535 Zeshan red G3764   
Wuyi red G3528 Rongcheng Jingrun red G3784   
Nanping Minjiang red G3559 Laoshan grey G3706   
Nanping black G3539 Jinan black G3701   
Pucheng Baizhang black G3577 Wulian leopard-skin G3742   
Fuding black G3518 Rushan black G3770   
Dayang black (A) G3538 Mengshan flower G3776   
Shaowu green G3599 Pingyi peacock green G3791  

In order to help buyers and sellers more accurately identify and trade different types of granite and other stone, in 1998 the China State Administration of the Building Materials Industry devised a uniform numbering. The system gives each variety of stone a letter and 4-digit number. For example, Fuding Black is denoted as G3518. The letter represents the type of stone, G for granite, M for marble, etc. the 4-digit number consists of 3 parts. The first 2 numbers specify the province or municipality the stone originated from, for example, Fujian is 35, Guangdong is 44 and Shandong is 37. The 3rd digit relates to the colour, characteristics and patterns on the stone and the final digit associates the stone with the specific quarry from which it originated.

Here is an extensive list of Chinese granites and marbles and conversions for the updated and original numbers. When dealing with Chinese granite suppliers, be sure to use this numbering system in all documentation and correspondence. it will save trouble down the road and can help ensure you get what you ordered.



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