The Advantage of Quartz Kitchen Countertops

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The Advantage of Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz stone kitchentop, refers to those kitchen countertops made from Artificial Quartz.

Quartz stone countertop is made of resin and quartz sand. The advantages of quartz is good for heat resistance of scratching, large area floor wall, can do all kinds of kitchen countertops, seamless splicing, durable. Quartz stone is a new type of stone, which is made up of 90% or more quartz crystal and other microelement.

Product characteristics:

1)Not easy to scratch.

Quartz stone plate after vacuum Vibrocompression extrusion molding, has reached 6~7.5 level Mohs hardness.(Mohs is the international hardness testing method which 10 is the highest hardness level, diamond is at the 10 level.)

2)Real stone feeling.

As the quartz stone contains more than 90% of quartz crystal, so the feeling is very similar, and combining the advantages of quartz stone and artificial acrylic. So, the color range is much wider than engineered stone supplier natural stone and can almost avoid color variation issues.

3)Strongly anti stains.

After dozens of complex surface treatment, the surface structure is very tight, the product is fine without holes, water absorption rate is almost zero. Most of the material can be seen in the kitchen can not penetrate the quartz countertops, such as oil, butter, tea, fruit juice, coffee, acid and alkaline substances, so that’s why we say it anti stains.


Because the surface layer and the material within are in the same high dense level, and built-in certain antibiotics agent, so could prevent the growth of bacteria to keep the top safe and quartz countertop supplier clean, so it can be in direct contact with food and skin without any health issues.

5)No radiation, green environmental

Quartz stone is a natural mineral crystallization, is one of the world's most abundant inorganic materials, the Si02 (SiO2) content reached more than 99.9%, exploitation, use, processing will not cause adverse effects on the human body and the environment. So food contact and human touch will not cause any negative effect.

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