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In the era of exaggerated personality, with a gray tone as a whole, with angular shapes, and fashionable personality marble, modernity is everywhere.The essence of the style is to reflect life in the details. It is as large as a wall that is not rendered except for gray, a marble, as small as a chandelier, a bathrobe, and a pair of slippers.

grey marble stone 1 

The floor of the living room is made of blue marble, the TV cabinet and the display cabinet are integrated. The cabinet is made with the surface-painted Fenlin water-based wood paint, and the black and white root marble and jazz white marble are used below.

grey marble stone 2

The three-seat leather sofa and the single-gray leather sofa coffee table are all custom-made by the factory. The round coffee table is made of granite fire, and the carpet is wool carpet.

grey marble stone 4

Round coffee tables with different heights add focus to space. The curtains are made of cotton and linen. The beige color is chosen to add warmth to space.

The TV cabinet is integrated with the aisle storage cabinet, and a warm light strip is set under the cabinet to give the space a more layered sense and can also be used as a night light.

grey marble stone 5

The open kitchen area is integrated with the whole living room and dining room. On the left is a large storage cabinet. The walnut color of the door panel makes the space more stable.

grey marble stone 6

The restaurant has a door to the terrace, so children don't have to worry about playing outside.

The 1.8-meter dining table usually only has 4 dining chairs, and the other two are in the study, leaving more space for baby dining chairs.

grey marble stone 7

The open kitchen uses a Martian integrated stove, and the sink area is 93 cm high, which makes washing and cutting vegetables more comfortable.

The dining table is connected with cabinets, and a whole row of hanging cabinets is built above the integrated stove, which adds a lot of storage. The tabletop linking the dining table is natural marble, and all are made of storage cabinets below.

grey marble stone 8

The large mirror and the cabinet are customized together, and the open lattice next to it is convenient for taking off the clothes.

grey marble stone 9

The grey and white marble of the living room with bright yellow-green is elegant and not dull.

In the rest area, based on the original space division, one of the bathrooms was designed as a cloakroom for the master bedroom; the narrow balcony was divided into a part of the son's room, and the study and rest were divided into two areas. Make each area more comfortable.

grey marble stone 12

The exquisite lines, the beautiful and elegant gray tone that outlines the space, the texture of the family, the texture and style of the home, we need every choice and every emotion to weave together.

The deep gray shades create a sense of layering. The bright yellow and azure blue make the space more agile. The exquisite display cabinets contain small fragments of a beautiful life.

grey marble stone 13

The elegant dining kitchen is the daily life of the hostess. It is soaked with love and refined time.

grey marble stone 14



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