Removing scratches from quartz countertops

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Quartz countertops provide nonporous surfaces that are twice as strong and durable as granite. Quartz is a natural crystalline mineral that is composed of silicon dioxide. Being naturally scratch resistant, a quartz countertop is perfect for every bathroom or kitchen.

Some quartz countertops are made of quarried slabs of natural mineral but most of the quartz products are likely to be engineered by mixing 5% polymer resins with 95% ground quartz. This process provides a very resistant and hard countertop that is both low maintenance and available in a wide range of colors and designs to go with almost any type of kitchen or bathroom décor. Being such a resistant surface, the quartz countertop will require little repair.

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Although the surface is scratch resistant, cutting on top of quartz, dropping heavy objects on it, or dropping pieces of quartz, could lead to a scratches. If scratches do occur in the quartz they can easily be repaired with a few steps.

Step 1 Clean the Counter

Use the cleaner as well as a dry rag to remove any grime or dirt from your counter top. Getting it clean will prepare it for the repairs that you're about to do.
    Step 2 Find Your Chips
Having cleaned the counter you may now notice cracks and chips you didnot notice before.
    Step 3 Squirt Glue into the Chips
    Take your glue and squirt it into the chips. Any fast acting glue is perfect for this particular task.

Step 4 - Let it Dry

You want to allow your glue to dry for approximately 24 hours before you move on to be sure that it has completely set.

Step 5 - Cut the Excess Away

It's almost inevitable that you're going to have excess glue dried on to parts of the countertop that were not chipped. This can be unsightly and can cause further problems if not dealt with.

Step 6 - Clean it Again

After you've cut the excess away, it's time to clean the counter again. Take your ammonia-based cleaner and another dry rag to wipe away any glue debris left behind.

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If your countertop has a very deep scratch or gouge, however, it's always best have it professionally repaired to avoid more serious damage to the surface. want to know more quartz information ,connect yeyang, since 1993, along with 23 years’ development, we are including Two Trade Company and Three Factory, our Factory Area is more than 60,000 m². If you are interested in our company or products, welcome to visit our company or local offices; you can also get contact with us through online consulting,  e-mails and telephones. Our staff shall wholeheartedly provide product information, application knowledge and good service for you.



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