Install Marble Countertop is the right choice for you?

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Install Marble Countertop is the right choice for you?

Since the ancient times, mankind has a lasting love affair with all things marble. Why not in the form of kitchen countertops in your kitchen ?

Marble holds the weight of its legacy, but now owning it is no longer limited to the wealthy. marble--that is, the real stuff--is cheaper than ever, because of more effective extraction techniques and cheaper ocean-shipping costs.


The basics

Marble begins as metamorphic rocks. This means that it starts out in a sedimentary form as dolomite or limestone rock and once it has been subjected to severe pressure and heat ,it becomes a beautiful stone. The change comes about due to the impurities found in the limestone rock or original dolomite .

This means that marble's distinguishing feature--the veining-- Is the product of impurities in the original limestone. At extreme pressure and high temperatures, the original material is completely recrystallized. The purest marble is white and is a statue carved by the Renaissance artist.

One of the best qualities of marble, like the same on the table, is a variety of colors and veins.

Marble slabs for your counter

There are many reasons why you can choose one of them to decorate your counter and how to choose a cultural marble countertop? Not easy.

In the hands of professionals, natural and cultural stones are the best. For me, it must be yeyang. To help you search, we have listed a complete list of the advantages and disadvantages that you can expect as a marble owner.


In addition to the awesome heritage and history, it also offers:

Heat - this is one of the best job services you can find in the kitchen. It is heat resistant, but like quartz and granite, you should never put a pot directly from the stove.

Decent durability - even if the marble is inherently "soft", it is still hard to resist high flow.

If you have a counter that requires more effort than usual manufacturing, you may want to turn to marble. Not every table has a strict rectangle. Compared with other commonly used slate, it is softer. Therefore, its overall ability to work much better. If you are looking for fancy edges or other extra manufacturing privileges, you should also consider it.

Due to the softness of the marble and the overall ability to work, the marble countertops can be made into a fancy ogee edge (as well as other profile styles).

Easy to find - sometimes it's hard to find granite or quartz boards for your kitchen. On the other hand, marble can be widely used, in most of the stone or building are easy to find.


You should have noticed some of the shortcomings of marble.

Repair - If you have a table made of marble tiles, there is no problem that needs to be repaired. This is just a problem with replacing a broken tiles with a new tiles. This needs to be done by a professional, but to maintain the integrity of the damaged tiles. However, if you have a board, it is difficult to repair any damage to restore it to the original appearance.

Stains - Marble and acidic foods do not react well. When the acid is allowed to contact it, some of the etching on the surface may occur. Seals can help control stains, but are of great help to etching.

Scratches - scratches are often the problem of polished marble. As a natural mineral, there are a variety of different hardness of marble, but scratches are a fairly common problem, especially in kitchen applications.


The last suggestion

It is a deep rich natural stone, it has its own story type when it comes to kitchen countertops. It all depends on your family type, how much you are willing to spend to keep your life, and whether you feel that nothing can really make you happy.



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