How to make artificial quartz stone plates

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How to make artificial quartz stone plates

Quartz stone is made of more than 90% quartz stone filler plus a few percent of resin and auxiliary materials under vacuum vibration pressure molding. Because the content of quartz stone in the production formula is relatively high, it is called artificial quartz stone. Quartz was first developed and produced by Italy's Bailitong. Bailitong's quartz stone production equipment and a production line invested 170 million yuan. Hanwha signed an additional agreement with Bailitong out of market considerations. Before 2010, Bailitong The equipment is not allowed to be sold to China. In the past few years, some domestic manufacturers improved their own research and development equipment through imitation. In the production of quartz stone slabs, due to the unstable operation of the equipment and the high maintenance rate of the equipment, the qualified rate of the produced slabs is not high, mainly including pinholes, impurities, dents, color difference, deformation and other quality defects. Through continuous improvement of technology in the past two years, the problem of plate quality has been solved. The artificial quartz stone products have also been recognized by consumers. However, there are still most people in the industry who have not mastered the key technologies. The produced plates are not qualified, the resin content is high, and the plates have pores, which must be treated by repairing the surface. It will definitely affect the quality of quartz stone and leave a bad influence on customers, leading to the healthy development of the quartz stone industry.

To make artificial quartz stone, the following four points are the key.

1. Equipment selection Now the technology of quartz stone fixed thickness polishing equipment is mature. The press is the key equipment for the production of quartz stone, and some equipment manufacturers mistakenly believe that the greater the bias, the better. The press is equipped with a vibration motor that is unreasonable, resulting in large horse-drawn carts, unstable operation of the equipment and high maintenance failure rate. Some manufacturers switch to multiple small vibration motors in order to reduce the equipment maintenance rate. Although the equipment maintenance rate is low, the resin content of sheet production is relatively high. Multicolor boards cause color bleeding. Due to too many vibration motors, they are not synchronized, which leads to partial internal consumption of the bias force. Therefore, a good press must have the following characteristics.

(1) The equipment runs stably and the maintenance rate is low;

(2) Good vacuum tightness;

(3)Low resin content in the formula;

(4)Convenient operation and maintenance.

2. The control of raw and auxiliary materials. It is difficult for clever women to cook without rice. Before entering the raw materials, try to find a supplier with good credit. Resin, quartz sand powder, glass, color paste, curing agent, and coupling agent are commonly used in the production of quartz stone. Raw and auxiliary materials.


(1)Full name: Unsaturated polyester resin

(2)Polymer solid content ≥65%

(3)Resin viscosity 850~1200Mpa.s (Adjust resin viscosity according to temperature)

(4)Resin heating peak temperature: 160℃~170℃

(5)Appearance: special resin for quartz stone, colorless, free of impurities, translucent liquid.

 Quartz powder

(1)The fineness requirement is 240 mesh ~ 400 mesh

(2)The whiteness requirement is ≥95 degrees (use resin and quartz powder to make a paste, white or translucent is required, black and yellow are unqualified)

(3)The content of Si02≥98%

Quartz sand

(1)Uniform particles, no impurities, foreign matter, and no metallic iron.

(2)4~40 mesh and the particles must not contain weathered stones.


(1)Transparent glass, no shredded paper, debris and other variegated glass particles are required.

(2)Mirror glass. It is required to not fade, gray and white backgrounds are good.

 Color paste requires direct use of color paste, because the toner cannot be completely dispersed, it will cause the color difference of the board.


  Medium temperature curing agent: tert-butyl peroxide diethylhexanoate. (OT) Room temperature initiator: methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, accelerator: cobalt naphthenate.

coupling agent

(1)Silane coupling agent (KH-570)

3. Reasonable gradation ratio. Reasonable gradation ratio and particle packing density in the formula are the key to producing high-quality quartz stone. Improper proportions will cause quality problems such as sheet deformation, pores, and cracking. Many quartz stone manufacturers rely on obtaining recipes from others, or equipment manufacturers providing recipes. The author found that the pressure of the press produced by the same manufacturer will be different due to processing, installation, and current errors. The technical formula must be adjusted on site to produce qualified quartz stone plates. Fourth, the production site process operation specifications

(1)Formulate the production process and establish the job instructions.

(2)The granular powder of the same batch of plates must be pre-mixed before being put into use. Because quartz powder is a natural ore, each package has different degrees of color difference.

(3)In the production process of quartz plates, try to avoid using metal tools, as the metal will be blackened due to the friction between the metal and the quartz stone.



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