How to clean natural stone in the house

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                             How to clean natural stone in the house

Stone afraid of water, how to clean?

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Water is the source of life. But for the stone, the water is the source of all evil - the truth in the stone care industry is also recognized. Water spots, rust, Baihua back to the base and many other stone problems, the culprit, are generally water

It is not difficult to understand this truth, but in daily use, we are still used to clean the stone. In the hotel, shopping malls, home improvement, there are some often because of the water mopping up a mess of ground stone.

But the water is the most impossible to stop the material in life, which also caused in many details, the stone vulnerable to erosion of water, and then a variety of problems. So, since the installation of stone, how should we deal with it?

First, the stone structure characteristics

Natural stone is a microporous structure of the material, not only contains a large number of visible holes, cracks. The interior is also filled with a large number of micropores, pores, macropores and the like that must be identified by means of a microscope. This microporous structure, resulting in stone as follows:


infiltration type


These properties cause natural stone easy to absorb water, moisture absorption, moisture absorption, and then a variety of changes. This microporous structure, stone and other decorative materials on the nature of an essential difference.

Second, the hazards of stone water

The natural stone face the performance of water, and glass is completely different, the root cause that its microporous structure. Stone water absorption, likely to cause a lot of problems:

Destruction of stone structure

Marble, limestone and other stone, the main component of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is a slightly soluble in water, in the case of long-term exposure to water, the stone will gradually soften, loss of ingredients, resulting in material changes, such as powder, shedding and other phenomena, loss of decorative, reduce service life.

Stone discoloration

All the stone will be discoloration of water, some stone can be restored after drying. But some of the material in the stone, and water react, resulting in color phenomenon, and can not be restored.

Easy to clean

We are accustomed to cleaning the stone with water, but often found that the water washed the stone, but after drying, they will become gray again. Because the water can be trapped in the stone inside the stone and the surface of the pores, after evaporation, was brought back to the stone surface.

Stone lesions

Stone within the various chemical reactions or physical effects, almost all with water. Such as water and various types of hygroscopic substances combined to form a gel, resulting in water spots phenomenon. Water makes the iron in the stone rust, the formation of rust. The migration of water will bring the calcium content of the cement to the surface of the stone to form white and so on.

Third, the source of water

Through the foregoing, the relationship between water and stone, basically able to figure out. In fact, many of us are aware of this principle. But the actual use of stone or the problem is frequent. Why is this?

The reason - mainly ignored the details.

Stone daily use, access to the water can be divided into "visible water", "wet", "water vapor" and so on. These different types of water, the source is too much. So seemingly simple principle, the implementation of things need to consider is a lot of.

Fourth,the stone clean proposal

In fact, with the current technology, completely out of the water clean is not possible. Here we recommend several methods:

Regularly clean with water

In addition to the daily push dust, made the protection of the stone, but also through the regular cleaning to achieve the purpose of deep cleaning. Can be used "crystal plane + mat" or "washing machine" with stone soap, the stone for the overall cleaning. After cleaning, timely use of high-power pumping machine, the waste water drained, more than 80% of the pollutants can be removed.

Or some washing machine, comes with pumping function, the use of more convenient.

Push dust instead of mopping the floor

In the daily cleaning, with "dust push + electrostatic vacuum solution" approach, pushing dust treatment. The effect is high, more efficient.

Slightly contaminated clean

Stone local dust dust can not afford to clean up the stains, you can use the "gradual wet dry method" treatment: first with a wet towel to wipe the stains clean, and then dry towel in time to dry the water.

Do the protection

"Anti-rule is better governance" is our repeated emphasis and implementation of the stone application concept. No matter what kind of environment in the stone, should be installed in the application, the development of a sound protection program and strictly enforced.

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Stone protection: the principle is the use of protective agent in the stone and the surface of the formation of nanoscale protective layer, reducing stone water absorption. This treatment, the material properties of the stone changes, is fundamental. Stone in a good protective treatment, can be part of the glass and other materials close to the material characteristics - low water absorption, easy to pollution and disease.

Here to emphasize, not the stone protection technology, but its meaning - through good protection treatment, stone can be maintained for up to 5 to 10 years of health, basically few pollution, disease and other serious problems. Therefore, this is one of the most reliable, but also the most easy way to worry.

to sum up

Water is the source of many problems caused by stone. And mopping the ground, but also the daily use of stone is most likely to cause problems an important reason.



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