How Are Quartz Countertops Made in China

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                                              How Are Quartz Countertops Made in China

Quartz countertops are some of the most lovely, durable, and easy-to-maintain kitchen countertops on the market. Unlike their granite counterparts, they aren't cut directly from the earth. Quartz countertops are man made. It's a fascinating process and we thought you might like to learn more about it.

What you should choose Quartz Countertops?

  • High hardness, the Mohs’ hardness reaches to 6-7.

  • Resistant to scratch, wear, shock, rupture and compression.

  • Excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and stain resistance.

  • Not being distorted, split, and being resistant to discoloration, fading.

  • Durable and maintenance free,

  • Environmental friendly building materials not contain any pollution and radiation.


Where Do Quartz Countertops Come From?

Quartz is the 2nd most common mineral on earth. Its crystalline structure is usually hexagonal (six sided). This natural molecular structure makes it one of the most durable substances on the planet. No wonder quartz makes such awonderful alternative to granite!

It's found deep in the earth, which means heavy equipment and explosives are usually necessary in order to access quartz veins. Because it's so plentiful, there are quartz mines on almost every continent.

After the Quartz is Mined?

In order to create attractive patterns, they are ground as fine as sand or as large as pebbles.

These small pieces of quarts are combined with a resin and poured into a slab. Depending on the color a manufacturer is going for, other minerals and pigments will be used. Unique and special crystal flecks (check out the Mossy Green from the Zodiac Terra Collection) are saved up to this point for extra pizazz. Even recycled mirrors, glass, and other hard surfaces can be used for added eco-friendliness. All in all, a slab of quartz remains 97% quartz.

Once the slabs are poured into their desired shapes and contours, they are "cured" in an oven and then cooled. The finished product requires no polishing.

Engineered artificial quartz countertops factory


Our factory in XiaMen China is specialized in engineered artificial quartz countertops. besides, we are involved into quarry extraction, block import and process, export of Granite & marble tiles, slabs, countertops, cut to size to North America, Europe, East-South Asia and widely to Mid-east & Africa. Along with several years’ development, owning one factory with granite, marble and quartz production lines, and building one new factory in Nantong city near Shanghai, plus fully assorted more than 10 factories owned by the family of XIAMEN YEYANG,

.Quarry Sources:

1 We hand-select stone directly from quarries throughout the world. We focus on China quartz and marble, you can get most quarry direct China quartz and marble from us. Also we import some blocks to produce as our customer required.

2 Invest more than 10 quarries


Our Quartz Colors are stable;

You do not need to worry the color difference and vibration in the appearance for Kitchen Countertop projects. We have More than 100 colors are available

We make the Quartz color (Pattern) Natural look like marble and granite vein.  now we have some Special unique differences colors


We supply the biggest artificial quartz slab in size of 3250mmx1700mm (128inchx67inch), which can save the wastage (save cost) for cut to size apartment Kitchen Countertop projects. Our slab size can be customized according to your project size.

If you have any questions about Quartz Countertops, you can contact YeYang without hesitation.




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