Honed Granite Vs Polished – Pros And Cons

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Have you decided whether to use honed or polished granite for your new home design?

However beautiful and practical granite may be though, the look and feel of your surroundings, as well as the maintenance requirements of the stone, are greatly affected by the particular type of finish you choose for the granite surfaces in your home, each of which has its own specifics. To make an informed decision for your new interior design, let’s take a closer look at the key features of the two most popular types of granite finishes – honed granite versus polished granite.

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honed granite

A honed surface finish is a SMOOTH surface without reflection. From a matte like appearance to a low sheen. The finish remains flatter than a full gloss polish. It's definitely not super shiny and there's very little, if any reflection.

Some call this finish "soft" or "natural looking" and others refer to it as just plain & dull looking.

YeYang Honed GraniteTo achieve this finish, the finishing process ends before the buffing stage.

polished granite

A polished surface finish is Smooth, Shiny and Reflective - it highlights the character of your stone. The full color, depth, and crystal structure is visible.

Polished Finish on Granite Your stone appears darker and the colors seem richer.

This glossy mirror like finish is considered the finest and the smoothest finish available.

Intended Use

If you will be placing your countertop in an area that receives a significant amount of use and traffic, polished granite may be the best choice, as this finish requires less maintenance and is more likely to resist stains.

However, honed granite can still be a viable choice for high traffic areas, as long as you follow a regular cleaning, sealing and maintenance schedule. For areas with lower amounts of traffic, any finish is suitable.

Design Preferences

If you are looking for a more elegant, sophisticated appearance, polished countertops are ideal. A polished finish is classy and shows all of the granite’s natural beauty. If you like to see the color of granite in its highest level, polished finish is your choice.


If your choice to use granite as your solid surface material is based on its longevity, polished granite is the best bet. Honed granite is not as resistant to liquids and tends to show stains and damage more easily than polished granite. If your choice is based solely on appearance and you simply must have the matte finish of the honed granite, keep in mind that this countertop may not fare as well in the long term as visible wear and tear will ultimately appear.


The main drawback of honed granite countertops is that they tend to show stains quite easily and even more easier when compared to a polished granite countertop. Choosing honed granite for your kitchen countertop will affect the way its natural granite color is reflected as a honed granite surface does not shine like a polished granite surface.Honed granite comes in softer colors than polished granite, and also the dull color of honed granite, then you can choose polished granite.

Honed granite countertops versus polished-it’s a decision you will need to make . Both are attractive and can increase your home’s resale value. The choice will ultimately reside with personal taste and lifestyle needs. If you want other useful introduction and suggestion. connect yeyang, since 1993, along with 23 years’ development, we are including Two Trade Company and Three Factory, our Factory Area is more than 60,000 m². More than 20 years experience of manufacture and Global stone market. Welcome to inquiry and visit our company for more product information.



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