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Grey/white/black marble slab for countertop,vanity top (YQT)

  • YQT
  • 6802230000
  • white
  • Polished
  • Customized Measurement
  • Customized
  • 2~3g/m³
  • Square
  • Flooring Tile, Wall Tile, Countertop, Vanity Top
  • Polish, Honed, Flamed, Bushhammred, Natural

Product Description

Performance parameters:

1. Compress intensity is 430Mpa

2. Density volume is 2.5g/cm3

3. Hardness of surface is 6.0 Msh

4. Crooked intensity is 45Mpa

5. No radioactivity

Crystallized glass "Neoparies" is a kind of glass building material, made by the highly sophisticated and specialised technique of crystallization of glass in 1970's. It is also oldest crystallized glass series material.

Neoparies is a versatile building material having a marble-like texture and greater strength and resistance to weathering than granite. It is used for exterior and interior walls of buildings, and for counter tops and table tops. Neoparies can also be formed into columns and curved corners, as it requires only a simple process to make a curved panel. It is most cost effective.
Its shortcoming is easy to dirty, so it usually hadn't applied to floors, especially in floors of big public buildings.

Detailed Product Description
( keyword: Hole-free crystallized glass panel; No pore crystallized glass; Minicrystal stone; Micro crystal glass; Crystal glass; Marble sculpture; Artificial stone marble; Construction material; Super white; Crystal white; Pure white jade; White non-porous minicrystal stone)

The crystallized glass panel is a kind of material made under high temperature though the process of sintering and crystallization, which is just similar to the conditions for the natural granite.

Although the polished slab possesses a better finish than the natural stone material, light projecting in at any angle can result in a homogenous and concordant diffuse reflection, and because of its special crystallized structure, which is natural and gentle to the eye. This process is good at manufacturing panels of various different color tones. Compared with granite and marble, it has a better acid and alkali resistance.

It is a kind of homogeneous material made by adopting a special high - temperature sintering process, which has eliminated the fine cracks that cause the rupture of natural slab.

The plentiful colors are formulated based on the white color, of which the three series of white, cream and gray are most popularly recommended by the designers.

Slab: (2400-3000mm) Length * (1200-1400mm) Width * (15-30mm) Thickness
Cut-to-size: 600*600 mm, 800*800 mm etc.
Customized specification on request.
Currently Available For Following,

1. Slabs & Tiles
A) 1, 200 x 3, 000mm
B) 1, 200 x 2, 800mm
C) 1, 000 x 2, 000mm
D) 1, 000 x 1, 800mm
E) 900 x 1, 800mm
F) 900 x 900mm
G) 800 x 800mm
H) 600 x 600mm

2. Curve Panel
A) Diameter: 600-34, 000mm
B) Center angle: Equal to 90 degress or even more;
C) Panel thickness: 18, 20, 25, 30mm
3) Other Customized dimensions available upon request.
Castro white (18)
high quality Castro white (44)



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