Granite Kitchen Countertops facts

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                                     Granite Kitchen Countertops facts

How it's Made                 

Granite: a coarse igneous igneous rock consisting mainly of a feldspar and a feldspar, usually containing a small amount of one or more other minerals such as mica, keratite or pyrite.


Natural Features

Granites sometimes have natural fractures and hairline cracks. These visible hairline cracks form during solidification. Earthquakes or ground motions can also cause cracks. The crack is not a defect of granite. Many of the color pits look like small chips or holes. These features are part of the natural beauty of the stone material, which does not impair the function or durability of the material. As a product of nature, you can't expect to look artificial.

Due to the high attraction and classic beauty, granite countertop is one of the most desirable surface homeowners. For the following reasons.

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

The patterns in a slab of granite can be veined, mottled and any color. When it's polished, granite shines like glass, and it's very strong and durable. Granite due to its combination of strength and beauty and keep its popularity as the surface material. It attracts a lot of owners, because it offers a new and luxurious touch to any installation.

Enhances Property Values

Professionally installed granite adds well beyond the average 25 percent of its retail value to a home than other quality additions such as floors and cabinets. In terms of family financing, it's particularly important to consider that granite is the lender of the most important investment in value investing. In the open market, compared with the same regional sales of similar homes, buildings on the surface of the granite have occupied a higher selling price.


in Summary

Raw granite needs special care to prepare it for use as a countertop. Special tools make it easier for cutting and preparation. You can get a custom size for granite, but you can also get pre-cut granite countertops.

When you buy granite countertops, you need to bear in mind that the design of the kitchen. Know your table the position of the joint, and the available pre-cut granite of size and shape is also very helpful. It determines whether you need to customize or pre-cut granite, which will affect the cost.

Granite countertops with many features and benefits. It can be easily believed that the granite is the best of the available dressing table or counter. YeYang company is your kitchen and bathroom remodeling professionals. Granite countertops, custom tile are a few of our specialties. If you are considering a renovation or remodel of your home pay close attention to--YeYang.



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