Engineered Quartz Countertops different Quality

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Engineered Quartz Countertops different Quality

Quartz takes any kitchen Countertops or bathroom countertops to the next level of attractive elegance.

Quartz is an engineered product . The composition of quartz countertops is about 93 percent quartz, a natural material found in abundance in the earth’s crust, and 7 percent binder and color.

The quartz is ground into small particles and then mixed with a polyester resin binder to hold it together and with pigment to give it richer color. Small particles of glass or reflective metallic flakes are added to some designs to achieve a unique look. The result is an attractive, extremely strong slab that is similar in appearance to marble.

When you go shopping for quartz countertops, you’ll find options to fit any design and the color scheme you’re planning.but  these qualities are different.

Designs and Edges:  The range of designs is the single biggest difference among quartz qualities.  "Designs" is the industry shorthand for several qualities of the slab's visual appearance:  overall color, size and shape of minerals, streaks, and striations.  Edge profiles are built into the slab at the factory, not formed by the fabricator.

Warranties:  All quartz brands come with a warranty.  What differs is the length, limitations, and transferability of these warranties.


Slab Sizes:  Due to the need to seam quartz, it is better to have larger slabs to reduce the chance of this happening.  As yeyang notes, "I like quartz and there are several differences beyond color and pattern. When I can specify a jumbo slab and avoid using two slabs for a project, it's a win and a cost savings." our quartz factory has 2 pressing lines for excellent basic popular quartz colors, like pure colors and colors with some flecks, as our main market is for hospitality and multifamily projects using these economical quartz. we had one year to test that factory and invested to be one of the 3 share holders.

 We can match the colors to your order requirements of other companies like Caesarstone, Silestone, LG, MSI and so on, we have the samples book from Caesarstone, Silestone at hand for your urgent match requimrents. Actually as you know, every quartz slab pressing factory has their own specialty colors they are good at, no one can make all! Our boss spent one year to check most of other good quartz slabs factories and know which colors each factory is good at both on quality and prices, so we can allocate the right resource for your actual requirements.

If you're interested in our quartz, pls feel free to contact us!




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