DIY quartz countertops about Installation

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In a new home they can either be created precisely to the builder's specifications, or the room can be designed around a pre-existing slab. Though quartz can be cut down, it cannot be cut back up again, so be sure to measure accurately and clear the path carefully. The piece will be extremely heavy, though not particularly fragile. It is as likely to damage the house or the workers as it is to be damaged, so if you are doing a diy countertop installation, please be extremely careful and make sure you have lots of quality assistance.


DIY quartz countertops Steps 

1.Before installing a quartz countertop you will want to do a dry lay. This simply means placing the quartz pieces on your countertop to confirm they are the proper size.

2.Once you have confirmed your measurements, remove the quartz pieces and put to the side. At this point you should install your kitchen sink and fauce

3.Before installing the splash pieces, dry fit them to ensure proper placement. Place dime-sized dabs of silicone caulk about every 18 inches along the piece of splash

4.Press firmly back and down against wall and countertop until the hot melt sets. With longer pieces, assistance may be necessary to hold in place.

5.Using the caulk finishing spray and tool, spray the entire length of the caulk bead and smooth,with the caulk finish tool and/or a wet finger. Repeat step along the seam where the splash and wall meet.

We are a direct importer and supplier of flat profiled quartz countertops,  This quartz surface engineered stone is 93% quartz and 7% epoxy like all the national brands. We have tested it for scratch resistance and porosity and found no difference at all. Some customers prefer Quartz to granite for aesthetics or because it appears more seamless when installed. Others prefer it because it is non-porous and and never has to be sealed.  If you want to know more about stone countertops, connect yeyang ,we are including Two Trade Company and Three Factory, our Factory Area is more than 60,000 m². YEYANG's product line includes onyx, marble, travertine, limestone, Granite & Sandstone and exports natural stone in block shape,we will give you Experienced and useful introduction and suggestion about DIY quartz countertops.



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