DIY Kitchen Countertops Tutorial

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Can’t figure out why your kitchen appears outdated? Look down. It could be your countertop, the centerpiece of your kitchen and a key focal point of your entire home.

Ugly Countertop Syndrome may be common, but it’s far from incurable. You may be salivating over white granite while bemoaning your finances, but the solution doesn’t have to be that expensive — or that difficult to install.

Stone countertops are just one of the many kitchen countertop options to choose from. You can purchase precast counters from fabricators that are cured and finished in a workshop and which can be delivered straight to your kitchen for install. Or you can do the job yourself by creating your own molds and curing your counters at home.

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Materials Needed:

  • Sandpaper

  • Sealant

  • Feather Finish concrete underlayment

  • Large (at least 8”) trowel

  • Small (2”-4”) putty knife

  • Mixing bucket & stick

  • Measuring buckets

  • Optional: Electric sander, wet/dry vac, paper towels, baby wipes

 DIY Kitchen Countertops Tutorial2.jpg

Step 1: Clean up existing kitchen countertops. It’s critical to begin with a clean, grease-free surface.

Step 2: Sand the countertops with coarse sandpaper. Use 60- or 80-grit sandpaper to rough up your countertop. The idea is to scratch it so the concrete has something to “hold on” to. Clean and dry the countertop thoroughly after sanding before proceeding.

Step 3: Mix up a small amount of Feather Finish.

Step 4: Working in small sections at a time , spread concrete over countertop surface. Work Around the Sink.

Step 5: Let dry, Sand the surface.


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