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While laminate surfaces, hailed for their seamless, uniform look, are considered one of the cheapest countertops available, it's also possible to employ stone in your project, but in smaller quantities-Consider solid surfaces like Corian, engineered stone surfaces like quartz, These materials can cleverly add character and interest to the kitchen without breaking the bank.


The first is engineered quartz (pictured above), a relatively new product that's become extremely trendy in home-design circles. Unlike granite, it's not a natural stone; instead, quarried quartz is ground and mixed with five percent polymer resin to produce a surface that's extremely durable and needs no sealing. The mixture comes in numerous colors and can be made to closely resemble natural stone if desired. (Though, to my eye at least, it doesn't look quite as natural as real granite.)

The reason engineered quartz has become so popular is its imperviousness: It's nearly impossible to stain or scratch, it's heat-resistant, it doesn't absorb germs, and the only maintenance necessary is to wipe it clean with soap and water.

Save even more by shopping during the low seasons

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