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Castro White Marble Slabs Tiles

1. Due to compact structure,it's very hard that can rival Oriental White or Calacatta.The polished degree can be high. 
2.The background is very white.
3. Slab size can be very big.Tiles, cut to size projects,full 2cm or 3cm products can be available.
4. We invest the quarry,long-term and stable supply can be guaranteed.It will be one of our major marble product from now on
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Our new marble factory we just established in 2015 and mainly processing China marbles (more than 20 marbles). This factory covers about 45,000 square meters and equipped with KEDA gangsaw can cut the slabs 1CM, 2CM AND 3CM. It’s also equipped with automatic polishing facility and dry line, 4 CNC cutting machines. We use Italian abrasive tools to get the best polishing, that is why the Italian & Australian quarry owners sent blocks to us to process, they are happy with our quality!

1. Due to compact structure,hardness=2.8g/cm3.
2. It can do 1cm slabs without net.
3. The polished degree is more than 100°.
4. We invest the quarry,long-term and stable supply can be guaranteed.
5. It is widely used in luxury decoration.
6. We are the quarry owner have own modern workshops and advanced equipment . Quality&delivery time can be guaranteed. 



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