Calibrated Tiles | Arabescato Venato Marble are Ready for Shipment

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Calibrated Tiles | Arabescato Venato Marble are Ready for Shipment

Calibrated tile 1cm, hardness, highly polished. we can done 1cm slab,

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Name:New Arabescato Venato White Marble

A. It is very hard that does not need back mesh,different from other soft marble.
B. Slab size can be 280upx150up
C. We Direct invest the quarry,long-term and stable supply can be guaranteed.

This glamorous stone is a flawless choice for marble countertops, floors, and walls. Main features of this stunning material as below:

1. Extremely dense, its density reaches 2.9g/cm3, even higher than many granites. 2. High scratch resistance because of its good hardness.

3. High polished degree can be achieved, over 90gs.

4. Bookmatched slabs create eye catching patterns.

5. It's suitable for both indoors and out, most other marbles are only recommended for indoor application.

6. Primary color of this marble is white, popular colors come and go, but White never fades.   Both full slabs and tiles can be offered on a long term and stable basis, should you have interest, please feel free to contact me.

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