A directory of Buying Quartz Kitchen Countertop from china

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       A directory of  Buying Quartz Kitchen Countertop from china

Do you want to upgrade to quartz? Be sure to consider the following items

Pay attention to Quartz

Because of polishing during manufacturing, engineering quartz doesn't need to be sealed , therefore resealed. Ye yang stone, National Kitchen and Bath Association member and gallery manager at The Bath and Kitchen Showplace in Nantong, China says that With engineered quartz, you just need to spend less time in maintenance. No matter what shapes they are, we supply cut-to-size items to make the projects perfect. There’s just personal preference , in addition, regularly rubbing down quartz surfaces with mild soap or an all-purpose cleaner and a nonabrasive cleaning pad or cloth , this will keep them in the best state, To kill germs and boost shine, we also suggest wiping your quartz surfaces with a half-and-half solution of rubbing alcohol and water. Although scorch-resistant, quartz can be damaged by extreme heat.Always use a trivet or protective pad when placing a hot pot or pan on the counter top.


 Consider the color

  • Unlike natural stone, engineered quartz is homogenous and has uniform color and pattern, making it much easier to match tiles and plates during installation.

  • Because the quartz is mixed with pigment,slabs and tile are available in a wide variety of colors.

  • The bigger the granules and the smaller the room, the busier your countertop will look. The appearance of your quartz surface hinges on the proportion of the quartz granules to the size of the room.

  • Don't let the stain affect your choice: even the lightest quartz can resist the stain. "However, not all quartz is equal," said Yi Yang, the Chinese certified kitchen designer. Before you determine a specific Countertop color and brand, see if the sample stands up to family-based scratch and stain tests. He suggested we put coffee, oil and wine on the sample for the night.



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