2016 Hot Sale Stone Countertop products from xiamen yeyang

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2016 Hot Sale Stone Countertop products from xiamen yeyang

Xiamen YEYANG Stone is a top wholesale Countertop & Vanity top & Cabinet Manufacturer in China. 
We would always like to shape our stones, thereafter they shape us. We truly make every piece of stone a Mr. Right wherever they finally are in.

2016 Hot Sale 
1. Chinese Granite 
Sesame Grey, Luna Pearl, Bainbrook Brown, Yellow Rusty, Big Flowe White, Rice White, Swan White, Tiger Skin White, Tiger Skin Yellow, Giallo Halluma, China Black, Absolute Black
2. Imported Granite
Verde Ubatuba, Baltic Brown, New Venetian Gold, Tan Brown, Giallo Ornamental, Giallo Flower,Black Pearl, Santa Cecilia, White Rose, Blue Pearl, River White, Black Galaxy, Silver Pearl, Butterfly Yellow, etc.

3. Quartz Stone
Pure White, Pure Grey, Calacata White, White Galaxy, Glacier White, Maple White, Vanilla White, Yellow Galaxy, Grey Galaxy, Lyra White, Clouday Sky, Snow White, Pinpoinl, etc. 
Popular Size 
Thickness : 20mm (3/4") , 30mm (1 1/4") 
Kitchen Top: 96"x25-1/2" , 96"x26" , 78"x25-1/2" , 78"x26" , 108"x26" , 110"x28"
Vanity Top: 25"x22" , 31"x22" , 37"x22" , 49"x22" , 61"x22" , 73"x22"
Island Top: 72"x36" , 72"x42" , 96"x36" , 96"x40" , 108"x36" , 110"x36" 
Back Splash: 2" , 3" , 4" , 5" , 6" High

Edges Finished: Eased edge, Full Bullnose edge, Half Bullnose edge, Ogee edge, Miter edge, etc.

One Stop Shopping: Cabinet, Engineered Stone, Solid Surface, Bath Hardwares, Stainless Steel Sink, Ceramic Sink, Faucet, Copper Sink, etc



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